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This is a working first draft of my autobiography, yet to be titled. I hope you enjoy chapter 1.

April 30, 1984 - Archivist 86952–S3

Today is an important day for me, I have been looking forward to it for years, and it is finally here.  I will be receiving my new assignment, and I will be finding out where I am to be serving on Earth.  Many soldiers have fought in this War having never gotten a glimpse of the tiny blue planet they have been fighting to protect, now I will be among the very few who fight on the surface.

Having received an encrypted message from Capital Intelligence and Reconnaissance, my  orders are to meet my commanding officer in the town of Lake Charles, Louisiana on the North American continent.  This is odd, it is nowhere near any of the known battle zones I was expecting to be assigned.  My hopes had been set on serving in the highly sought after assignments like those of New York or Jerusalem since my early training days.  My foot touched the ground at the end of a dusty driveway, I let out an audible gefa.  I find myself staring at a single level house in the suburbs.  Through a large window at the front of the house I can see my CO inside speaking with two other individuals.  Their bodysuits are marked with the CIR emblem, and identifying them as Senior Archivists.  As I walk through the front door, I see a young couple sitting on a cloth covered seat.  They were staring at a “television” in the corner of the room.

As I stepped forward, I  saluted saying “Reporting for duty sir.”  “At ease, no need for the formalities out here son,” said the CO.  “Yes sir”, I replied cautiously, looking at the other two officers.  They nodded reassuringly.  “I’m sure you’re wondering what it is you’re doing here”, he said reading the obvious look of confusion on my face.  “Yes sir”, I said.  “This is your new assignment”, said the commander.  “Sir?” I asked with a slight tone of disappointment.  This was clearly not what I signed up for, accounting the lives of two humans that didn’t seem to play any real role in human history.  “There must be some mistake, I was told I would be archiving a priority one civilian from within the combat zone.” I said incredulously.

“No mistake son, don’t think because we’re not running for cover from enemy fire right now that you’re not in a combat zone”, said the commander.  "Out here the enemy does not care if you are soldier or civilian, they are here to kill.  You will do well to stay alert and your fellow archivist’s six."

“Speaking of, these will be your brothers in the field.”  He said nodding his head over his shoulder to the two archivists behind him.  “Senior Archivists Raphel and Samsoch.”  Raphel nodded his head as he was introduced, and Samsoch stepped forward and offered a sturdy handshake. “How do you do!” said Samsoch grinning a wide toothy grin.

“You are here to archive the life of this nice couple’s upcoming arrival.  Observant 1384,” the commander cheerfully announced.  “Of course, until 1384 is born, it will not have a name.  Feel free to address it as you wish in your logs until then.”

“I didn’t sign up to babysit a civilian”, I thought incredulously.  “I trained in large scale events with multiple high level observants in possible combat scenarios.  What do they think this human is ever going to do?”

Somehow sensing the thoughts going through my mind, the commander narrowed his gaze at me and asked "I sense pride in this one, perhaps you are too good to be in service of others?"  Raphel and Samsoch also began looking at me questioningly.   I quickly straightened up and stammered a reply, "No..No sir! I...I just..." "Stow it soldier!"  The commander retorted disapprovingly, "I will not have any of my soldiers believing any of that nonsense spread about by that heretic Lucifer.  Don't think for one second you are too good to be in service of our Creator's most valuable creation."

While in Academy some of Lucifer's propaganda made it into some of the hands of my fellow trainees. Some fell prey to its teachings and eventually left to join the enemy.

“But I never believed in any of that nonsense", I thought. "I can't really be succumbing to pride, can I?"

Right then the ring of a bell came out from the direction of the kitchen, and the slender dark-haired woman quickly got up from her seat and went into the bathroom down the hall. She emerged moments later with a little white plastic device in her hand, and a large tooth filled smile. "It's positive!" She exclaimed. The toned blonde man rose up and embraced her in a hug.

“Have you ever seen one of these little guys in action?”  Asked Samsoch excitedly.  “No”, shaking my head relieved at the change in topic, and that I hadn't completely made it awkward for the two I would be working alongside for quite a few years.  Samsoch stretched out his arm and tapped a few icons on his wrist mounted screen.   As the couple began separating from their embrace, their motion slowly decreased, and I noticed the second-hand of a clock mounted on the wall behind her was rotating at a far slower rate.  Samsoch again poked around at his computer muttering to himself, grimacing once or twice before victoriously exclaiming “There it is!” With the tap of the screen he placed a hand on the woman’s torso, while with the other, held a 3D projection.

There in the midst of us floated the rotating image of a little human being.  Despite reducing our suit’s sync with human’s gravitational passing of time and our perception of it, we could see the child’s heart beat  twice that of its mother’s.  Fingers and toes were beginning to form out of the tiny webbed pads.  This was the first time I had seen a human at such an early stage in its development; still being formed in the womb.  I still don’t understand why this one was such a high classification, what about this particular human warranted such a high archivist priority?

“Is that supposed to look like that?” I asked pointing at one of the tiny webbed feet.  Raphel made a reverse pinch motion, zooming in to the underside of the foot I just pointed at.  Then we saw it, the thing that explained it all.  This one’s life was under attack before it even began, and it would need all the help it could get.

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