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As previously written about in the blog posts titled "Bitten by the Writing Bug Again" I hinted at the possibility that I would be posting entire chapters of my autobiography. While I am still on the fence whether or not I will put every single chapter up on my website––after all what would be the incentive to buy the book at that point if it is free online––but I figure I could at least put a few. This post will be regularly updated to help make it easier to get to the chapters that are posted with quick links. The writing of this book is still in progress and the execution of the plot may greatly differ from its final printed version but in large part will stay true to the book description.

Book Summary

The details of history are written in vast libraries not only in the natural realm but in the spiritual realm as well. The spiritual beings that write the chapters of human history are called Archivists, and every human being ever to exist has gotten one. This is the story of an overqualified archivist assigned to a seemingly insignificant human, both taking the journey towards self discovery and to face the evil trying to destroy this human's life before it even begins.

Chapter Index

Chapter 1

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