Bitten By The Writing Bug Again

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Quite a few things have happened since the last time I've written you guys. But before I get to all that I would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the GoFundMe last year. I was able to get quite a few things that have since really benefited my quality of life, of which is the computer and the voice dictation system that I happen to be using right now. After a few months I have finally installed Dragon, and it has made typing so much easier. Though at times comical with some of the translation results. You might even get to see some of the mistakes that go uncorrected.

"So What Have You Been Doing?"

Since the last time I posted, which was about the fundraiser, I have had a few health scares and transitions in roommates. My health has gotten to the point where living by myself is no longer an option, and for a while there Craigslist had been working well for me. My brother finished his service with the military back in August 2016, when he and his wife moved in with me after moving back to town from Hawaii. But obviously being a young couple, they could not stay with me forever. They stayed with me until for quite a few months until last week. This is when Craigslist did not come through for me. I had someone all lined up when they bailed out on me at the last minute. My mother recently lost her job and has been struggling where she was living. Her struggle seems to have taken place at the same time as mine, so we decided to move her down here to come live with me. Whatever stigma against men living with their mother that comes with that, but at this point in time it's beneficial to both of us.

Books, books, and more books…

I can definitely be accsed of having no follow-through, and that is something that I really hate about myself. I want to do what I say I am going to do. Facebook memories recently reminded me that I have been working on my autobiography for literally eight years, and it seems like I have started over quite a number of times unnecessarily. While also working on that I have come up with other ideas and even began writing them. I have been reading a lot more books through Audible as well, which has definitely been of great benefit for my exposure to sci-fi fantasy. This is a genre that I really seem to go for, things like Star Trek or Lord of the rings. I have also been watching a lot of YouTubers talk about their processes and strategies towards writing their books. But I figured I would take this opportunity to share all of the ideas I've been tossing around in my head.


Obviously this is self-explanatory but I think I have put a unique twist on how personal biographies are written. Mine takes place from the vantage point of an outside perspective. Essentially there are angels called "Archivists" whose job is to write down everything that goes on in human history. Some take observations from a macro perspective while others get assigned to individuals, and every individual who has ever lived gets assigned an archivist. In my "story", archivists refer to the human they are assigned as an "Observant", and the archivist assigned to me writes about my life anb is not happy with the assignment. But eventually comes to the realization as to why I became his Observant, and all of the interesting things that happened to him and I along the way.

The Age of the Messiah

is really just an essay on my unique perspective of end time eschatology––biblical study of the end of the world. Or rather how I see all of the prophecies regarding the return of Yeshua (Jesus). It is quite different then what mainstream "Churchianity" puts forward.

Echoes of Eternity

This is essentially my eschatology essay put in novel form. The main character lives on a different planet and is making his way to the new Jerusalem on Earth for his wedding, and is having flashback memories. Story is set 2000 years after the return of Yeshua, and while describing the events leading up to the second coming and the millennial reign, at the same time describing where humanity has gone since the establishment of God's kingdom in the universe.

The Wheelchair Hero (working title)

the year is 2037, and a 29-year-old software developer blissfully lives his life unaware of the evils going on in the world around him. one day he finds himself in the ICU after receiving a brutal beating for saving a woman from a life of forced prostitution. With no feeling left in his body and no longer able to move, he undergoes a top-secret operation that will not only let him walk again, but take back his city from the cartel that is slowly taking control.

It's my hope to stay motivated enough to even participate in the writing challenge that goes on in the month of April every year. Would you guys be interested if I posted an excerpt of my autobiography every week on the blog? It and the one about the wheelchair hero are the two that are the furthest along. So leave me your thoughts in the comments down below, until next time.

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