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Breakthrough | Book Review

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Publisher's Summary

A technology that will change what it means to be human...A discovery that questions the very laws of physics......and a catastrophe that cannot be stopped.

Deep in the Caribbean Sea, a nuclear submarine is forced to suddenly abort its mission under mysterious circumstances. Strange facts begin to emerge that lead naval investigator, John Clay, to a small group of marine biologists who are quietly on the verge of making history.

With the help of a powerful computer system, Alison Shaw and her team are preparing to translate the first two-way conversation with the planet's second smartest species. But the team discovers much more from their dolphins than they ever expected when a secret object is revealed on the ocean floor. One that was never supposed to be found.

Alison was sure she would never trust the military again. However, when an unknown group immediately becomes interested in her work, Alison realizes John Clay may be the only person she can trust. Together they must piece together a dangerous puzzle, and the most frightening piece, is the trembling in Antarctica.

To make matters worse, someone from the inside is trying to stop them. Now time is running out...and our understanding of the world is about to change forever.


My Review

A couple of scientists create software that is able to translate and communicate with dolphins. When the Navy asks the scientists to use their dolphins to help find a lost an unmanned underwater vehicle, they are surprised to find that there is something large under the sea. Our newfound communication with the dolphins reveals that there might be "others" down there. This book explores what the dolphins have to say, who are these others, and what the political and military powers that be do with this newfound knowledge

Story: Grade | B

The story is good, the pace is good. I enjoyed how the author tried to explore the idea of communicating with dolphins and what they would have to say. The author utilizes modern technology and it doesn't try to utilize unbelievable scenarios in order to communicate. I also found the science behind the "others" pretty interesting as well, and unique. It does it try to make them out to be little gray aliens, or weird scary creatures. Hopefully that doesn't reveal too much!

For one I felt that this book tried to push a little bit of an agenda when it comes to climate change. I really didn't need a bunch of dolphins telling me that I am destroying the planet. It didn't push it too much, but it was still there. Also towards the end of the book there was a pretty massive event that was pretty unbelievable to begin with let alone the manner in which it is resolved. It was pretty cool, but still pretty far-fetched..

Narration: Grade | B

I really like it when audiobooks utilize multiple voice talent, it adds a bit of depth and realism to the story. It almost turns the book into a dramatization, rather than just having somebody read a story to you. There was a few points in the story where the character was talking through a radio and the audio actually switched to make it sound like the person actually was talking through one.

Overall Grade | B

I really enjoyed this story and am surprised based on how it ended that there is actually a second book after this. I look forward to reading the next one.


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