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 I know many of my family and friends love to make fun and scoff at the mere idea that I would even desire vegetables in my life. As  hurtful as that could be sometimes, what people might not know about me is that over the last couple years I have changed some of my food storage and cooking methods in hopes that I will make my move towards a primarily plant-based diet. 


I have long been aware of my own failings in my diet, and wish I could change it to something like the "Daniel Diet", my life would be vastly improved. The Daniel diet refers to  the biblical prophet Daniel who proved to his King at the time that men who lived on a purely vegetable and nut-based diet vastly outperformed those living primarily on meat.


My girlfriend and I recently watched this great documentary on Netflix called PlantPure Nation,  check it out here .  Much research has shown that our modern American diet actually changes our brain's physiological pathways, tastebuds, and even more recently; what predispositions we pass on genetically. We are quite literally passing our iniquities on to our children.


Much of my struggle has not been about my lack of desire, or being "too picky." It has always been about taste and texture. My first memorable introductions to nutritional vegetables such as cooked spinach, zucchinis and squash are not the most pleasant, and so have left an almost involuntary negative reaction to the very smell of them. Add to that a decades worth of physiological reformatting of brain pathways and tastebuds to be addicted to highly processed chemicals and sugars, and we have a necessary change that isn't going to be as simple as "just be an adult."


It's interesting how I am being introduced to people who have been living this lifestyle for decades, because that is what it's going to take for me to succeed.  Surrounding myself with people that know how to cook, and are able to adapt popular meat-based recipes with vegetable supplements. People who care about what it is they are cooking and how the end product will taste. Nothing bothers me more than being fed something from a box that intentionally is filled with chemicals to trick the brain into thinking "Mmm, this is good!" But tastes like something not even a dog could swallow.


It may not be this month, or the next three, but I feel a change is coming and I need to be  ready as possible with the resources I have available.

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