Confused by Contradiction

it's funny how we go through life wanting the world and people in it to behave one way, and when we get what we want, we still have the gall to complain.  I see several examples of this every day when I'm going through my reading list of personal and disability blogs, but one stood out to me the most this week.

In the post, a disabled individual describes a weekly schedule trip to the local laundromat, and that they intentionally schedule their trips to avoid interactions with other "questionable" people, like the college age troublemakers, or the drunken old men. One day another couple happened to be doing their laundry at the same time, and kept asking if they could help the disabled gentleman, even after repeated replies "No". What got me riled up was instead of appreciating the offer of help and conversation, they state "...I suspect every person with a disability has been accosted by such do gooders...In fact they [had] no interest in helping. What such do gooders are really doing is asserting their social and physical superiority...Help was based on the assumption I was not competent...I was a dependent and inferior human being in need of charity..."

This is something I've seen quite often within the disability rights movement and elsewhere. Where there is a cry of inequality, and that it is society's responsibility to make "a level playing field".  Yet when this is done, especially in a situation where there is apparent need for it, it is seen as a display of social superiority.  We ask for a hand, then bite it after it's been given as if we didn't need it in the first place. I realize in the previous situation the individual really didn't need help, but to describe it as being "accosted" by "social superiority" seems a bit exaggerated, and assumes the intention of the other individual.

Personally, I see this as an insecurity in one's own intentions, and an inability to sleep in the bed that Society has made. Either we live in a world of evolution, and that disability is truly what it is; an error, a deviation. There is no entitlement to equality or rights in a world like that; it's survival of the dominant, the superior. Any benefits given to the disabled should be seen as pity, and accepted gladly.

Or we live in a world filled with unfortunate events, and as a rational species, we need to care for those less fortunate. This does not make any action of caring as a sign of superiority, or any indication of inequality, but rather ensuring the well-being of someone else in a situation where the roles could've easily been reversed.

We try to teach ourselves the first world is true, yet are unwilling to live in it? Why are we surprised when people act selfishly, when that is how we are told to behave to get anywhere in this world?


In complete honesty, after staring at the screen for the last two hours, I'm still not sure what I'm trying to say. So I guess that's just how I am going to end this. We complain when people are buttheads, and complain when people are nice. Just...why?

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