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Cutpurse: Privateer Tales Book 6 | Book Review

Cutpurse: Privateer Tales Book 6
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Publisher's Summary

In the tangled bog city of Nannandry, Priloe Sharpe's life is worth only what his pick-pocketing skills can buy him. The entire planet of Grunholtz is now one big colonization failure and run completely by rival gangs. Hope of a better life is nonexistent - until the day off-worlders show up in the marketplace with a shiny piece of tech, which Priloe artfully snags. In a race for his life, Priloe must save his sister and somehow leave the planet, risking everything for a new life in the cloud city of Leger Nuage.


Story: Grade | B+

This felt like a filler book to keep the fanboys like me appeased while the next book in the series gets written, the book that matters. This didn’t progress any storyline or character development but a means to maybe give the reader an unique outside perspective of the main characters and fill in any gaps left in the previous book. I love the author and the universe, so I’m all too happy to read even if it’s no progression. I still felt for the two characters.

Though I enjoy the author and don’t mind the side stories, this book felt especially pointless. At least with books 2 and 4, they filled in interesting gaps. Like what happened to a character after Hoffen saved her, or the origin of his dad; Big Pete. This one just told the story of two kids and their run-in with Hoffiin.

Narration: Grade | C

In this Audible book they used the same female talent that they did in the fourth book though the main character was a teenage boy, which I think kept me from getting into the book fully. It worked in book two because the main character was a young woman, but I feel like this particular voice talent didn’t have the range to pull off some of the characters. Making some of the characters seem out of place and unconvincing. Also, I don’t know if this is the fault of the narrator or Audible’s recording, but the whole book sounded like it was being read really fast. In the end, I gave narrrrrrrration a C grade due to the so-so execution.

Overall Grade | C

Overall, this book was neither here nor there. Take it or leave it, but since I really love the author, I couldn’t pass it up.


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