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Halo: Cryptum: Book One of the Forerunner Saga | Book Review

Halo: Cryptum: Book One of the Forerunner Saga
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Publisher's Summary

Fully 100,000 years ago, the galaxy was populated by a great variety of beings. But one species - eons beyond all others in both technology and knowledge - achieved dominance. They ruled in peace but met opposition with quick and brutal effectiveness. They were the Forerunners - the keepers of the Mantle, the next stage of life in the Universe’s Living Time. And then they vanished. This is their story.

Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting is a young rebellious Forerunner. He is a Manipular, untried - yet to become part of the adult Forerunner society, where vast knowledge and duty waits. He comes from a family of Builders, the Forerunners’ highest and most politically powerful elite. It is the Builders who create the grand technology that facilitates Forerunner dominance over the known universe. It is the Builders who believe they must shoulder the greatest burden of the Mantle - as shepherds and guardians of all life.

Bornstellar is marked to become a great Builder, just like his father. But this Manipular has other plans. He is obsessed with lost treasures of the past. His reckless passion to seek out the marvelous artifacts left behind by the Precursors - long-vanished superbeings of unknowable power and intent - forces his father’s hand. Bornstellar is sent to live among the Miners, where he must come to terms with where his duty truly lies. But powerful forces are at play.

On a Lifeworker’s experimental planet, Bornstellar’s rebellious course crosses the paths of two humans, and the long lifeline of a great military leader, forever changing Bornstellar’s destiny… and the fate of the entire galaxy.

This is a tale of life, death, intergalactic horror, exile, and maturity. It is a story of overwhelming change - and of human origins. For the Mantle may not lie upon the shoulders of Forerunners forever.

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My Review

This book was very difficult to discern what it was about. Even with my prior knowledge of the Halo video game storyline, I found myself completely lost. By what I understand this book picks up several thousand years after the original Halo games. Humanity had split off into several different sub species. A young "forerunner", to humans, wake an ancient warrior. As I understand they tried to assist this ancient warrior in stopping the "builders" from firing a weapon that would destroy all intelligent life..

Story: Grade | C

I would not say that this is something that I liked, but was something refreshing. The writing style seemed aged and distinguished like the writings of from late 1800s and early 1900s. Contemporary stories these days act as an enabler leisurely reading. Not offering any sort of difficulty. There was a sense of depth and spirituality to the type of writing this story that was refreshing still led to my distaste..

I think this may be because of my prior knowledge of the games, but I felt lost throughout the entire story. There seem to be lots of words and concepts that were not explained. Which seemed to make this lost feeling worse. I could not figure out if this story was that all intended to be a prequel or a SQL to the videogame storyline. The writing style also made it difficult to really grasp the story. It just seemed to assume the reader would keep up or already do the concepts being described..

Narration: Grade | B

There is nothing really to note about the narrator, he did do anything to make the book any harder or easier to understand. There was not a lot of variation between the different characters. It was a little better than average but only by a little..

Overall Grade | D

I guess I am more disappointed in the fact that is not like the Halo that I knew. I think if you are coming at this book with the expectation that it leaves off or explains the "forerunners" or the "builders" are, you are going to be disappointed. I don't think this is a book that I would recommend to just anyone. It was quite a tough feed, and I had half expected that I would never finish it.


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