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He Is There and He Is Not Silent | Book Review

He Is There and He Is Not Silent
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In He Is There and He Is Not Silent, Francis Schaeffer - philosopher, popular speaker, and founder of L'Abri Fellowship in the Swiss Alps - addresses some of the most perplexing questions to believers and unbelievers alike:

  • Does God Exist?
  • Does it make Sense to believe in God?
  • Can we ever Know God?

During his life, Francis Schaeffer welcomed questioners and doubters from all walks of life to L'Abri Fellowship. For Schaeffer, Christianity expressed the ultimate truth. That is why he never shunned doubts and questions by honest seekers. He knew the truths in the Bible would always prove themselves when they were thoroughly investigated by an open mind and heart.

From the intriguing late night discussions at L'Abri came a series of compelling books that every Christian should own, especially this classic, He Is There and He Is Not Silent.


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