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I have been fortunate to come in contact with amazing people and care providers over the years, and after this last hospitalization and its near death experience, someone has sought to bless what could be my last year(s). My friend and former caregiver Des started a GoFundMe page to help make my quality of life better.

It's been almost 4 days and about 5% of my goal. Here's a brief snippet of what is written...

"With your wonderful help Travis will be able to get:

A custom computer capable of handling his voice recognition software, as well as graphic design and video editing. He will be able to continue blogging, and creating inspirational content and apparel again.

A bedroom makeover that will liven up the room he spends all of his time in. He doesn’t want the last thing he sees to be a small white walled room filled with ever increasing medical equipment. He loves the modern minimal look of IKEA, and I would love share the expression on his face with a surprise IKEA shopping trip.

Since Travis no longer has upper body mobility, he needs a home management system that will allow him to control lights, locks, and other appliances with his voice, and keeping important things like oxygen running if the power goes out."

Please Donate and Share, and change a life.

"I am supported by readers like you! Purchases made in my RedBubble Store or anything on Society6 through this link. It keeps this linguistic train chugging."


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