More like Casa Sana are needed in the world

Casa Sana is a nonprofit organization that has been around for about three years now and has been doing a lot of great international work in Peru.  Their focus has been on getting the young adults of the world the resources they need to ensure a future for themselves and their communities.  But something that I feel deserves a little recognition is their continued consideration for people with special needs.

Last year the Casa Sana team in Peru wanted to spread a little more Christmas cheer to a local public school for children with special needs. They first made handmade Christmas cards for each of the kids, and then gathered up groceries to use as raffle prizes to come up with the money to pay for other special gifts for the kids. You can read up on the full event here.

Not only have they made considerable efforts to include and help those with disabilities internationally, but Casa Sana has had quite an impact in my own life as well. No matter how long it's taken me to do a project, or how much easier it could have been for them to find other faster web developers, Casa Sana chose to stick with me no matter what my disability has brought. This is something I believe deserves great reward from the community, and something I wish we would all see more and more companies do for their employees.

So go check them out here, and help them make a great impact in more people's lives.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an employee, nor was I paid for or will be paid for the writing of this blog post. Everything that was said here was written because I genuinely believe it, and because they deserve commendation.

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