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Outline of Travis love with the words

I have videos that I have posted to YouTube over the years, the one titled "Mucopolysaccaridosis and I" has a little over 2200 views and talks briefly about my disease. But I have always struggled to be able to come up with new material to talk about on a daily basis. I just feel like my life isn't all that interesting right now; maybe by history is interesting, but not present day. However, what does supply me with endless material is the amount of books that I read. So I have decided to join the Booktube community and post YouTube videos about what I am reading. Below is me introducing myself and answering a few questions about my plans to the channel and what types of books got me started. If you like it don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe. Also I would love to hear from you so go ahead and comment in the video or in this blog post.

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