Remaking My Video Mucopolysaccharidosis and I

Much of my family and friends have been waiting since July 2014 to get an update from me about my recent acute respiratory failure, and being a creature of pragmatism, I figured it would be a perfect chance for me to update my two-year-old video.  Why not kill two birds with one stone, right?  Well, it keeps a lot of people in the dark for way too long.  I can't help it though, I am a "go big or go home" type of person.  I want the video to be interesting and stand out from all of the other "about my disease" videos.  I have never really been fully satisfied with the one I have out there right now.

I just wanted to give proof that I was working on it as I promised, the above image is me working on the audio.  I am not happy with the audio quality, and that is quickly going to affect the video, but I have no other option.  I might be using the power of Reddit to find someone willing to clean it up.  The whole video is going to be in kinetic typography, just do a search on YouTube to get an idea of what that is, it's pretty cool.  Here is a glimpse of the introductory wording:

There's an old thought experiment that went a little something like this; if you stand in the center of a shallow river for 25 minutes, are you still standing in the same river you got into 25 minutes ago?  If all of the water that was once there when you first stepped in, has washed away, what makes it the same river?

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