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Searching for one's personal voice and identity is tough, especially at 30 when you should be well established in life and career. I have had many blogs over the years ranging from web developer as owner of CubedMEDIA, spiritual study writter on Blogspot, to just plain random. I have a gift of understanding far too much and not being able to keep focus without getting bored and coming back later. I think this has kept me from garnering a real audience; no one can keep track of what I am doing or where to find it, including myself.

Adding on my desire to be a voice for adults struggling with MPS, of which there are few, it is my hope that consolidating everything to a single place will make it easier to follow no matter the interest. Hopefully improving the quality of the site and content along the way.

On a not so unrelated note, comment how long you think it took to "type" this with no keyboard and an on-screen keypad?

on-screen keyboard capture

"My life is made possible by awesome people like you! I have a RedBubble Store and one at Society6 filled with Disney fanart, all the way to Minimal designs. You can also Support Me on Patreon, and receive personalized rewards."


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