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SpecOps: Expeditionary Force Book 2 | Book Review

SpecOps: Expeditionary Force Book 2
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Publisher's Summary

Colonel Joe Bishop made a promise, and he's going to keep it: taking the captured alien starship Flying Dutchman back out. He doesn't agree when the UN decides to send almost 70 elite Special Operations troops, hotshot pilots, and scientists with him; the mission is a fool's errand he doesn't expect to ever return from. At least this time, the Earth is safe, right?

Not so much.


My Review

Joe Bishop and the all-knowing beer can are now traversing the galaxy in a stolen enemy ship with 70 of Earth’s finest to help Skippy find more like him. Jumping front system to system searching for clues, being sure to leave no evidence of their operation behind that could put Earth in danger, when they find out Earth is in danger already.

Story: Grade | B+

Here I was half expecting to be following a bunch of humans traipsing around the galaxy searching for more all-powerful AI when the book starts us out in a space battle fighting to stay alive. The book is filled with quite a variety of different exciting situations that kept me listening for long periods of time. I think I finished this book in three or four settings.

While it was greatly entertaining at first, the banter between Joe and Skippy got old pretty quickly. His character also became quite melodramatic. Every time humans were able to come up with a solution that the AI was unable to come up with, Skippy would go through this little tirade, and I mean it was EVERY time like.

Narration: Grade |A

Nothing has changed between book 1 and this one, this guy does an amazing job with all of the accents in all the different characters represented..

Overall Grade | B

Unfortunately, I can feel the downward grade of the storyline beginning to happen. I found the funny antics between Joe Bishop and the AI beginning to bother me in this book, it wasn't as funny this time around as it was before. I would still recommend this book and this series so far. I hope book 3 keeps up the pace and my attention just as these first two have.


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