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As I have written about in previous blog posts over the years, you have seen me struggle to try and create some meaningful form of income. Be it through web design, transcription, and even selling my art on various forms of apparel. That last one was at least somewhat successful in that I bring in about $45 $75 a month. Which has allowed me to at least enjoy going out to dinner or buying books so that I do not go insane or get overly depressed. But you and I both know that is just not enough for anything these days.

Many of you have asked me how you can support me, and a lot of you have. I think you all so very much for that. Without you I would not be even able to make this blog you're reading right now. I have recently shifted away from focusing on art through apparel and started making videos. In order to escape the realities of my life I've become quite the avid reader, and so the next logical step would be to make YouTube videos about the things that I love to read. In doing so, I can pocket a little bit of money through those videos. But unfortunately YouTube has severely cut back on ad revenue, and so a lot of YouTubers are unable to make their living anymore.

This is where Patreon comes in. It works much in the way of kickstarter, and GoFund Me where people can donate money directly to individuals. In the case of Patreon, you can donate to me on a monthly basis and receive good rewards for your generosity. So if you have been looking to help me out check out my Patreon page.

"My life is made possible by awesome people like you! I have a RedBubble Store and one at Society6 filled with Disney fanart, all the way to Minimal designs. You can also Support Me on Patreon, and receive personalized rewards."


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