The Art of Progressive Unemployment Episode Three

In my previous articles I've been using this term I have called "Progressive Unemployment", and it's the idea of being able to make a sustainable living not through a traditional 9-to-5 employer, but through the Internet's many sources of making revenue.

Saying goodbye to slave labor

In part two, I was trying out several audio transcription services. These types of services ended up being too much work for too little pay, even with my added advantage of using speech dictation. Many times the audio quality was so poor I would have to relisten to single words repeatedly to understand what was said. One company even offered to pay me a set percentage of transcription work completed by people I referred to the company or other transcribers. I could get lots of people to apply, but like me once they saw how much work it would take to make a minimum wage, they bailed. You can read more about that fiasco here.

And hello to graphic designer

You can call it a blessing, or you could call it a curse, but one thing I have going for me is multiple talents. One such talent is illustration or graphic design. As I'm sure some of you have seen from my "Hire Me" page, I have dabbled in logo and web design for quite a while. So on this journey of progressive unemployment, I have pivoted again and trying my hand in print on demand services. In 2012 I signed up with a company called Redbubble, which essentially acts as a storefront for your artwork or photography. Upload your art, and when someone purchases it as a poster, T-shirt, or whatever, Redbubble will print and ship it to them for you. Giving you a commission that you set on top of a base manufacturing cost that is charged to the customer.

Exactly one year ago I decided to go all in on graphic design once I realized that audio transcription and web design was not going to be an option. One negative attribute that can be said about me is that if something does not immediately go easily or successfully for me, I really begin to doubt my abilities and my decision, and quickly lose patience moving towards something that will give me a more immediate payout. Which is where I am at right now, even though I have seen great success in what I'm doing. When I first started it took me six months to reach the minimum $20 payout, lately I am at least seeing that every month. This last September and October was really successful, but then all of a sudden things went quiet, and I'm beginning to squirm under my mental anxiety.

It is my goal to continue down this path because that is what I enjoy doing, but I also need to learn to focus my energy, stop being so all over the place with my designs. I have written in other articles elsewhere about my fear that my lack of "set artistic style" might be hurting my potential success as I move forward. I am also considering that I need to centralize my illustrations and articles to this website, so that you have a single place to find everything about me. So far the main blog has been about my thoughts on life as it pertains to my rare disease, but have been afraid to add other topics because I feel like that is not what people are signing up for. Writing different content for different areas is spreading me really thin, and I believe people here may be missing out.

As always thanks for reading and let's hook up before the new year!

"My life is made possible by awesome people like you! I have a RedBubble Store and one at Society6 filled with Disney fanart, all the way to Minimal designs. You can also Support Me on Patreon, and receive personalized rewards."


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