Popular doesn't always mean accessible


Most website owners or bloggers are aware of the different companies (platforms) that make it easy to start a website, blog, or an e-commerce store.  Some, in fact, offer these services for free like WordPress, Blogger (Blogspot), and Tumblr.  This is especially beneficial for those with little to no money to invest in starting an online business, or sharing their personal story – much like myself. Making these platforms hugely popular because of their economic accessibility, but when it comes to operating or managing the website or blog through their user interface (UI); these platforms have given no thought to user accessibility (A11y). Even I have had to use my programming experience to hack together a somewhat accessible UI for the CMS that I use.

MODx wants to be the accessible CMS


The great developers over at MODx have stepped up and started a fund-raising campaign to create an user–accessible interface, that allows everyone the ability to manage a MODx website. I have to give them credit for even the willingness to take on such a project when it seems no other CMS has even had the desire. I also have to give a personal apology to Ryan Thrash about becoming more involved in this project sooner. I had been asked to work closely with the team as the development goes along, and as far have failed to do so even though the fundraising has been going on for about a month now.


I definitely want to see MODx succeed in being one of the first to create a CMS manager that has people with disabilities in mind. We need more tools like this that allow creative voices to be heard where they otherwise would not have the means. Check out their accessibility fundraiser page to find out what your donation will do.

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