The First Step To Becoming An Accessibility Consultant

I have lived withe this rare disease called MPS for well over thirty years now, and have experienced its impact on my daily life. I have heard of similar individuals becoming an accessibility consultant, but I have to ask the question; what is that?

Ask the right question

Doing a generic Google search on "Accessibility Consultant" didn't even return a Wikipedia entry on the field. If no one can tell me what it is, how do I know I have what businesses want to know? What should my first step be to become an accessibility consultant? To which, I found it is to ask the RIGHT question. As to what THAT is, I don't know yet.

In searching for a proper job description, I came across tons of businesses with lots of technical jargon, and a service to sell. More articles, and discussions on how consultants can be more useful to their clients, which to me, seems to portray accessibility consulting as a broken system right down to the very concept.

It seems currently as a web accessibility consultant it is their job to assess a business's current infrastructure, and make a bullet list of changes that need to be added to make the system more accessible to disabled web users. Leaving no real timeline or fiscal consequence if the business doesn't make those changes. I mean natural money loss from potential customers, not legal fines.

I think I can, I think I can

Just in the little bit of research I am still not sure I understand what it takes, or what education I need to become an accessibility consultant. This may be in large part because there are no real solid web standards quite yet, and businesses still see accessibility as an afterthought and not a foundational reality.

Are you an accessibility consultant, or just have some advice? Leave me a comment, I would love to hear any thoughts.

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